Joie de livre! French Books for Ottawa Kids

In 2017, 28% of the books chosen by children at our locations were in French; at present, fewer than 15% of the donations received are in French, and much of the material donated is out of date, of poor quality, or not representative of the community. This means we often have to supplement French material by purchasing books, at bulk discounts through partner wholesalers and local bookstores, in order to offer adequate and appropriate material for the children who visit our sites. We live in a bilingual city and want to share the richness of this bilingual experience with all children in our locations.

Throughout 2019, join us in supporting Joie de Livre! French Books for Ottawa Kids and bring even more French books to Ottawa families!

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Financial Donations

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Book Donations

If you would like to donate French books, please click here for our donation guidelines and drop-off locations.